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New Hire Documents

New Hire Forms

If you haven't already, you'll need to complete the Employment Application.

The Applicant Certification Form is to be completed acknowledging certain terms of employment.

The Employment Eligibility Verification, or I-9, must be completed, and requested documents attached.  Please see the form instructions for allowable documents.

You'll need to complete and sign the Employee's Withholding Certificate, or Form

W-4.  Instructions are attached, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

You'll need to complete and sign the Employee's Withholding Certificate for the State of Missouri as well.  Instructions are attached to this document too, but ask if you need help completing.

Complete and sign the MOVECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement.  This form authorizes us to complete an FBI Fingerprint Background Check.

Complete and sign the FCSR (Family Care Safety Registry) Worker Registration Form.  This form is required for anyone working with families or children in Missouri.

Complete and sign the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  You'll need to also attach a voided check when you submit this form.

Complete and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.  You'll need a staff witness to sign as well.

These documents will also need to be submitted.  You can send them by e-mail, or just turn them in directly in paper form.

  • Resume

  • Copy of ID/SS Card

  • Copy of Degree/Diploma

  • Copy of any training certificates/professional development documentation

  • Verification of Vehicle Insurance

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